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Back at the ship from Izumicon

Made it back to the ship, cargo unpacked from the laurie, and back on the regular schedule. Will update with pictures of the event soon, but for now I will just say that the convention was fun, panels ran well, got to meet my all time favorite voice actress!

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Izumicon pack up

Well, it’s time to pack up the lorrie and get headed towards Oklahoma City. Lets see

Fuel – check
Small luggage – check
Utility belt – check
Weapons – check
Business cards for after robberies (photo ops) – check!

Alright, time to get started, see y’all at Izumicon!

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Ok ok, I know, I need to actually post more often, and update the convention schedule, and a zillion other things that would get done if it was more than a crew of 1 right now. . . . . this ship isn’t gonna fix itself ya know! Alright, the ship is grounded for winter. . . and we do still have the diesel powered ground conveyance. . . and that IS how we are going to get to Oklahoma City for Izumicon.

Yes, this weekend myself and the crew of theAirship Horizons will be at Izumicon, robbing people of their loot and running panels, well, mostly just running panels. If people do want to give up their loot, I am more than willing to take it from them though. . . .

But I digress, you should look for us if you attend, and sit in our steampunk panels!

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No excuses, get out and vote! Your employer is required by law to give you time to vote. If you do not vote, you have absolutely no reason to complain about how the country is run, because you have your chance to voice what you want today.

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Welcome to Airship Avenger, a Tulsa local steampunk group! (psst, we are new!)

We are still working on the site, so check back for updates!

*** Update ***

We recovered all posts from the database. Would have fixed it sooner, but it has been busy.

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Tokyo In Tulsa

I had a blast at Tokyo In Tulsa this year! Volunteering for the convention made me busy, but it is well worth it to make the con better! But, this means that I didn”t carry my camera around taking pictures. A few people did snap pictures of me in my garb though, and once I get them, I shall post them upĀ  in a new page for visited conventions.

Come back soon!

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Military Life

It sure was a long weekend, was called up to perform some duties for the Air Force ( Easy enough since we do have our own Airship ), but it makes for a long weekend and an even longer week. But, the extra money in the pocket is worth the trouble, as it goes to supplies and into the ship.

Time to get busy for the morning workload.

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Working on Goods for the Quartermaster Hold

I am currently working on getting an Etsy store opened up. So far I have been able to get one item finished per day for the last week ( I am counting the coming weekend as part of the week, so I am really ahead at this point) which I am really proud of. I keep running out of paint though, which is a bit of a pain in the rear.

Pictures will follow once I take them on Saturday.

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A Good Deed

On my small trip from camp in the outskirts today into town for supplies, I noticed an elderly couple with a busted wheel on their cart. They had been sitting there in hopes of someone stopping for several hours, with not one kind hearted soul to take a moment to even ask if they needed any assistance. Now, I am normally the the kind of person to take advantage of a situation such as this, but upon seeing the gentleman was in tattered military garb, it struck a cord with me as I am also military, and understand the hardships he has suffered in his life.

I helped the couple jury rig the wheel of their cart back into position, offered them water from my canteens to quench their thirst, and followed them into town to make sure they made it safely.

Upon arrival to the blacksmiths, I asked the couple if they required any more assistance before I continued on my way, they said thank you, but are good now that they are in town.

I am appalled at the lack of courtesy from the people in Tulsa. The majority of people are narcissistic good for nothings, and I plan to teach them all a lesson they will soon not forget.

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