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Stuff that happens at cons, I thought it was self explanatory??


Ok ok, I know, I need to actually post more often, and update the convention schedule, and a zillion other things that would get done if it was more than a crew of 1 right now. . . . . this ship isn’t gonna fix itself ya know! Alright, the ship is grounded for winter. […]

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Tokyo In Tulsa

I had a blast at Tokyo In Tulsa this year! Volunteering for the convention made me busy, but it is well worth it to make the con better! But, this means that I didn”t carry my camera around taking pictures. A few people did snap pictures of me in my garb though, and once I […]

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Tulsa Trek Expo

We did finally make it to the trek expo, and randomly met a fellow steampunk, tho she is from the red fork empire, and I am aligned with scars. Didn”t stop me from nerding out and purchasing a new card game, Redshirts!

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Here is the one photo I took at Soonercon. (told myself I was going to take more. yeah, didn”t happen.)

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