Ok ok, I know, I need to actually post more often, and update the convention schedule, and a zillion other things that would get done if it was more than a crew of 1 right now. . . . . this ship isn’t gonna fix itself ya know! Alright, the ship is grounded for winter. . . and we do still have the diesel powered ground conveyance. . . and that IS how we are going to get to Oklahoma City for Izumicon.

Yes, this weekend myself and the crew of theAirship Horizons will be at Izumicon, robbing people of their loot and running panels, well, mostly just running panels. If people do want to give up their loot, I am more than willing to take it from them though. . . .

But I digress, you should look for us if you attend, and sit in our steampunk panels!

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