A Good Deed

On my small trip from camp in the outskirts today into town for supplies, I noticed an elderly couple with a busted wheel on their cart. They had been sitting there in hopes of someone stopping for several hours, with not one kind hearted soul to take a moment to even ask if they needed any assistance. Now, I am normally the the kind of person to take advantage of a situation such as this, but upon seeing the gentleman was in tattered military garb, it struck a cord with me as I am also military, and understand the hardships he has suffered in his life.

I helped the couple jury rig the wheel of their cart back into position, offered them water from my canteens to quench their thirst, and followed them into town to make sure they made it safely.

Upon arrival to the blacksmiths, I asked the couple if they required any more assistance before I continued on my way, they said thank you, but are good now that they are in town.

I am appalled at the lack of courtesy from the people in Tulsa. The majority of people are narcissistic good for nothings, and I plan to teach them all a lesson they will soon not forget.

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